EXCELL Introduces The GAC-30 In-Line Checkweigher System


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EXCELL recentlly introduced the GAC30 Inline Checkweigher the first offering in its new generation of checkweigher technology. The general purpose, intuitive design of GAC-30 to weigh, classify and segregate products based on weight, is ideal for a broad range of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and non-food industry applications. The GAC30 provides high-level performance, accuracy and reliability, making it easily adaptable to existing lines.

"We heard from countless customers that ease-of-use was a number one requirement," said C.C. Lo, President and CEO at EXCELL. "Therefore, we incorporated traditionally optional features into our newest checkweigher, ensuring that it meets the most demanding ease-of-use and durability requirements as part of the standard feature set."

"GAC30 can help reduce product giveaway as well as false reject and rework, thereby saving your time and money. And because our GAC30 checkweigher uses a static weighing method, it has better accuracy than most dynamic systems. The downside of static weighing is its slower speed, but we can use multi-lane configuration to achieve the throughput that customer need.”explained Jeff Chien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at EXCELL.

Building on EXCELL's expertise in the checkweigher market, the GAC-30 integrates features that make it easier to use, more accurate and faster than previous models. Fine-tuned for accuracy, the GAC-30 is designed to help operators identify ongoing opportunities for efficiency and profitability improvements. In addition, the product's modular design and quick release and disconnect capabilities allow for easier maintenance, resulting in more up time.

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