• What is Zero value after power on?
    It is zero value that records after the digits countdown from 9 to 0.
  • What is Zero value after calibrate?
    It is zero value that records when doing specification calibration or weight calibration.
  • What is the zero range after press zero key?
    ± 2% of the maximum capacity
  • What is Span Drift?
    Temperature change effect on output
    Express way:
    TEMP. Effect on output: 0.020% R.O/10℃
    R.O is Rated Output
    For example:
    15.000kg*0.005kg Its external resolution =15.000kg/0.005kg= 3000E
    Change range of temperature:-10℃~ +40℃; temperature change in total:50℃
    3000E * 0.02% * (50℃/10℃) = 3E = 3 *0.005kg=0.015kg
    When using 1/3 capacity (equals to5.000kg) to measure:
    (5.000kg / 15.000kg) * 3000E * ( 50℃ / 10℃ ) = 1E = 0.005kg
  • What is re-linearity?
    It is also called repetitiveness. Methods of testing:
    We test 3 times through testing linearity. The largest tolerance with standard value in testing.
    Express way
    tolerance of re-linearity < 0.0333333 % R.O
    R.O is Rated Output
    For example:
    15.000kg*0.005kg Its external resolution =15.000kg/0.005kg= 3000E
    To shift tolerance of re-linearity of external value= 3000E * 0.0333333% = 0.999999E ≒ 1E =0.005kg
    Capacity: 0.000kg ~ 15.000kg; tolerance of linearity: ± 0.005kg
  • What is linearity?
    It is the largest tolerance with standard value in testing. Usually, we represent the tolerance of Nonlinearity for linearity Express way: tolerance of Nonlinearity < 0.0333333 % R.O
    R.O: Rated Output
    For example:
    15.000kg*0.005kg Its external resolution =15.000kg/0.005kg= 3000E
    To shift tolerance of nonlinearity of external value= 3000E * 0.0333333% = 0.999999E ≒ 1E =0.005kg
    Capacity: 0.000kg ~ 15.000kg; tolerance of nonlinearity: ± 0.005kg
  • What is unit weight insufficient?
    In counting mode, the unit weight of sampling or the unit weight you input is less than 0.2E, the icon of unit weight insufficient
  • What “OL,E1,E2,E4,E6,E7” stands for?
    【price computing scale】
    O L The weight value is over 9 division of maximum capacity.
    E 1 Zero value above 10% full scale.
    E 2 Zero value below 10% full scale.
    E 6 The internal value is over 350,000.
    E 7 The internal value is below 80,000.

    【counting scale】
    E 1 Zero value is too high (OIML or NTEP > 10% full scale)
    E 2 Zero value is low (OIML or NTEP < 10% full scale)
    E 6 Internal value is more than 700000(use in factory calibration)
    E 7 Internal value is lower than 100000(use in factory calibration)
    O L The weight value is over 9d of the maximum capacity. (d=division)
    U N S T A B L E Internal value is unstable
    Unstable time is over 10 seconds after pressing ZERO or TARE key

    【Weighing Scale】
    O L The weight value is over 9 division of maximum capacity.
    E 1 Zero value after power on is over +10% FS.
    E 2 Zero value after power on is less than -10% FS.
    E 4 Unstable zero return, unstable over 10 sec. Press zero key to leave E4.
    E 6 Zero is too high when calibrating. (over internal value350,000)
    E 7 Zero is too low when calibrating. (under internal value 80,000)
    E 1 0 The scale is not in level status.(only available with level detector equipment.)
    - - - - - - If the negative weight is over 20 divisions and there is no T or PT, the display shows “- - - - - -”
  • What is auto unit weight averaging?
    It is the unit weight which calculates quantities. It will modify the current weight automatically with adding quantities every time.
    The condition of averaging unit weight: the quantities you add every time are less than current quantities on the platter.
  • Gravity effects on weighbridge
    Gravity is the force that makes objects fall to the ground
    Acceleration of gravity at the Equator:GE=978.03184558cm/sec2
    Acceleration of gravity at the Poles:Gp=983.21772792cm/sec2

    If the G value of someplace is the acceleration of sth. fall to ground, G value is not decreasegradually from mantle to centre of the earth, but G value becomes the maximum in thebottom of mantle and then it decrease to zero gradually.

    The formula of G value in deferent latitude :
    G value in different places
    (1) Taipei:980cm/ sec2
    (2) German:981.1cm/ sec2
    (3) G value of Taipei/ G value of German:980/981.1=0.99887880949
    (4) Set weight *0.99887880949 as the weight you must set
    E.G. 1kg*0. 99887880949≒0.998kg you should input 998g and put 1kg to calibrate weigh
  • What is amplified factor value?
    The weight displays under the load. E.g. put 1,000g, read out 995g which is the amplified factor value.
  • What is capacity?
    The maximum value the scale can measure.
    The capacities of our products including: 150g、300g、500g、 600g、1200g、1500g、3000g、6kg、7.5kg、12kg、15kg、30kg、60 kg、120kg、150 kg、300 kg、600 kg、1t、1.5t、2t、3t、5t
  • What is division?
    The minimum value the scale can measure

    The divisions of our products including: 0.005g、0.01g、0.02g、0.05g、0.1g、0.2g、0.5g、1g、2g、5g、10g、20 g、50g、100g、200g、500g、1kg、2kg

  • What is resolution?
    Capacity / division (The maximum value / the minimum value)
    Example 1
    300g * 0.005 resolution= 300.000g/0.005g= 60000
    Example 2
    15kg * 0.001kg resolution= 15.000kg / 0.001kg = 15000
  • What is external resolution?
    The external analytical value of the scale
  • What is internal resolution?
    The internal analytical value of the scale the external value is convert by the internal analytical value. E.g. if the range of internal value is 0~400,000, the eternal value is 1/6,000, its internal resolution is 400,000/6000=66.
  • What is external value?
    The weight displays after weight calibration.
    The range of external value the minimum value ~ maximum value
  • What is weight calibration?
    Manual calibrate:Make the scale weight correctly through the adjustment from hardware Digits calibration:Make the scale weight correctly through the adjustment from software
  • What is linearity calibration?
    The linearity of load cell is lower than the resolution of the measurement so that we do multipule calibration to get close to the condition of non-linearity of load cell.
  • What is temperature calibration?
    Usually, the material will change when the temperature change. At this moment the weight will also change. It can decrease the tolerance through temperature calibration.
  • What is 9 OL?
    The maximum capacity adds n-tupling division to ensure the range of maximum capacity can be measured. Usually it is the maximum capacity + 9E, but it is the maximum capacity + 9E in Hong Kong and Brazil.
  • Common Units
    kg, g, T, lb, lb. oz, oz, twg, tl.T, MM(JPN), tl.J(HONG KONG JEWELY TAEL) tl.H(HONG KONG TAEL), ct, dr GN, ozt, dwt, t(INDIA)


  • There are too many E2 and less E1 for internal value (only for MTW, CAW models)
    E 1 Internal value is too low
    E 2 Internal value is too high
    1. Please calibrate the internal value.
    First open the scale housing. On AD board , there are 2 VR: VR3 and VR 4. VR3 is used to calibrate weight and VR4 is used to calibrate internal value.
    For example: MTW300kg
    If E1 –08575 appears and it does not count down to zero after power on the scale, please adjust VR4 to -12450
    2. after adjust VR4, the display still shows -08455, and the internal value can not arrived -12450. Please shorten the resistance value of R29. If the internal value is -19995, please amplify the resistance value of R29.
    Whether to change the factor resistance or resistance value of R29, please calibrate the weight and internal value again.
    How to see the internal value?
    Please press zero key and then press conformation key after power on the scale.
  • What to do, if the display shows E3? (Only for MTW, CAW models)
    1. Please press conformation key to enter into calibration mode, and do the calibration again.
    2. When enter into the calibration mode, the display shows E 3 which means the multiplying power is not enough (This phenomenon appears when exchange the Load Cell or change the specifications)
    For example
    When exchanging the Load Cell or changing the specifications, the display shows E 3 and the weight can not be calibrated. Please modify the multiplying power. E.g. put the full scale weight on the platter and displays 24000COUNT which means the multiplying power is too small.
    Please modify the resistance value of R11, R14, and R15 on AD board to change the count.
    24000COUNT 21000-27000
    30000COUNT 24000-30000
    If COUNT is in above rang, the display does not show E 3.
    36000COUNT is adjusted by weight. (Please adjust VR3)
  • The linearity of load cell is good or bad?
    1.please adjusts the avometer to DCV200 m. Open the housing of the scale, cut off the PIN4 and PIN5 of CN2 on AD board.
    2. Please connect PIN4 and PIN5 to avometer. Test the data when nothing on the scale and record④. Put weight (10 kg) on the scale and record the data①Œ. Put the second weight (20kgin total) on the scale and record the data②. Put the third weight (30kgin total) on the scale and record the data③Ž.
    Record the tolerance:③Ž-②,②-Œ①,①Œ-④
    Check whether the three tolerance < range of nonlinearity tolerance of L/C.
    Generally, the tolerance ≦ 0.0004mv/v
    For example: To test PW6KR~L/C
    0/3~output 0.254mv/5=0.0508mv
    1/3~output 3.508mv/5=0.7016mv
    2/3~output 6.7625mv/5=1.3525mv
    3/3~output 10.0155mv/5=2.0031mv
    1 ~ 2.0031mv-1.3525mv=0.6506mv
    2 ~1.3525mv-0.7016mv=0.6509mv
    3 ~0.7016mv-0.0508mv=0.6508mv
    4 ~0.6509mv(max)-0.6506mv(min)=0.0003mv
    5 ~0.0003mv < 0.0004mv ok
    Note: The voltage is divided by 5 because the standard specification of L/C is mv/v.
  • What to do if the scale is unstable and it can not do external calibration?
    For example:
    Scale: dual range, capacity:120kg Power on the scale and put20kgon the platter, the display shows20.12kg. It is useless to adjust VR3 of SPAN. Please shorten the resistance value of R11, R14 or R15 and then adjust the VR. (if the weight is not enough, please enlarge the resistance value)

    Whether to change the factor resistance or resistance value of R29, please calibrate the weight and internal value again.
  • The Zero point is unstable?
    1. Scale must be used under a stable temperature and stable air flow.
    2. If there is a windbreak, please use it.
  • Please note the following tips when using the scale.
    When you operate the scale following the manual, the following condition still appears. Please contact your supplier and do not purchase others components to exchange.
    1. the storage battery is damaged
    2. the charger is damaged
    3. You can not turn on the scale or the keypad is damaged.
    4. There is sth. Wrong with LCD
    5. No backlight
    6. the display shows error massage(except the error massage in the manual )
    7. the battery indication appears (the power is enough)
    8. zero point is unstable (except environment factors)
    9. The scale can not weight full scale. (protection screw is not dismantled)
    10. Wrong operation: Please refer to the manual If the scale is damaged, please contact your supplier or Excell precious company to ensure your rights and interests.
  • Some tips to maintain the scale
    1. Clean the scale Dust cover:
    use the wet cloth to clean the outer of the dust cover. Please do not let the water enter into the hole of the scale. No dust cover: please cover other dust cover. If there is no suitable dust cover, please clean the housing of the scale with little cleaning oil. Please do not clean the panel with cleaning oil.

    2. Dust cover
    if the dust cover is damaged, please change a new one.
    3. charging
    The scale should be charged every 3 months to prevent failure of the internal rechargeable battery.
  • How to judge impedance output or input of Load cell
    1. Please adjusts the avometer to2k
    2. Open the housing of the scale, Cut off the PIN 1 and PIN 2 of CN2 on AD board
    3. to test PIN1 and PIN2 with avometer and impedance should be about 420Ω.Cut off the PIN4 and PIN5 of CN2. to test PIN4 and PIN5 with avometer and impedance should be about 350Ω. If the result is 700Ω, please change the Load cell.

    Note: How to connect the E+.E-.S+.S- of L/C to CN2 on AD board?
    different connecting ways for different L/C
    ‧ 世銓~(Red cable E+)( black cable, blue cable E-)( green cable S+)(white cable S-)
    ‧ NMB~( Red cable E+)( white cable E-)(green cable S+)( blue cable S-)
    ‧ HBM~( green cable E+)( black cable E-)( Red cable S+)( white cable S-)
    ‧ TEDEA~( blue cable E+)( black cable E-)( white cable S+)( Red cable S-)
    ※S+ and S- of CN2 connect the input impedance
    ※E+ and E- of CN2 connect the output impedance
  • How to test output voltage (mV) of L/C
    Cut off the PIN5 and PIN4 on AD board. Please adjust the avometer to DCV200 mand test PIN4 and PIN5 with avometer after power on the scale. The voltage should be in +2mV~-2mV. If the voltage is beyond the range, please change the load cell.

    When the voltage is beyond above voltage, the display shows OF, at this time please test the volt of PIN 10 of U1 7135. If it is within -2V~ 2.5V, please enlarge resistance value of R29.

    Example: if the display shows OF after power on the scale. Do not connect the load cell. Power on the scale again and test the volt of PIN 10 of U1 7135. The volt is -2.2V, resistance value of R29 is 4.53K. Please enlarge the resistance value as 20K, test the volt of PIN 10 of U1 7135 as -1.53V and then adjust VR.

    Note: the resistance value of R29 should less then 50K. If the display still shows OF after change the resistance value of R29, please change the Load cell
  • Is the Insulation resistance in good condition?
    Please adjust the avometer to DCV 20 m. cut off the 4 cable on L/C. please touch one stick of avometer to the platter and touch another stick to one of the 4 cable. The avometer displays 1(normal). If displays other number, the Insulation resistance is too small. Please change the Load cell. (All the 4 cable should be tested)
  • How to do L/C compensation?
    When the zero voltage of L/C is less then 2mv/5v, it can do L/C compensation. Please adjust output of S+ and S- to the balance condition.

    Example: the output volt of L/C: S+2.50mv S- 2.42mv The tolerance of S+ and S- is 0.68mv. At this time S- 2.42mv need do L/C compensation這compensation way is as following: connecting changeable resistance to E+ and S- E+5v E-G S+2.50mv S- 2.42mv when it adjust S- to 2.50mv and S+ to 2.50mv, and test changeable resistance and record. Then record fixed resistance value of E+ S-. E+5v E-G S+2.50mv S-2.50mv
  • Please refer to the manual to install the product.
    If you have any questions, please contact us. Our technicians will replay your questions.


  • There are too many E2 and less E1 for internal value (only for MTW, CAW models)
    ISO (The International Organization for Standardization) established in 1947in London is the unofficial word organization which composed by groups in different countries. Every country only has one group to be its member. The organization has 140 members till now. Its headquarter is in Geneva. 1983年國際標National Institute For Standards And Technology established Technology committee(TC207) for integrating quality management system and perfect the quality system which should be execute, check and rectify(P-D-C-A). the standard of ISO 9000 is issued in 1987 in the base of BS 5750. During popularizing the standard of ISO 9000, because of the reasonable and suitable of the system and popularizing of European companies, the ISO 9001 is the necessary certification for factories to pass.  With the development of economy and the improvement of science technology, quality is the essence of the products. Quality management system is the strategy for western developed country to popularize, In order to replace inspection management strategy. The establishment of ISO 9001is the lowest request for factories to ensure their product quality. So that popularize the ISO 9001 and get its certification which stands the factories promise that their products qualities have been improved.
  • What is CE Marking?

    CE is abbreviation of COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES. It tells clients the products is up to the request of safety, health even environment. According to the requirements of European board of administration, all products sale in European need CE marking on products.

    The science, culture and behavior in every country reflect on its industry standard and laws. Every European country has its own law system, including laws, regulations and non-governmental standard and so on, because of the differences between countries. These strict and complex requirements become trading obstacle. Related units draw up new method of technical standard and program to solve the trading obstacle. According to 100 item b in EEC, All the target of European order must bring into laws. The aim of making these regulations is to establish the rules in health protection, safety and other respect in order to ensure people’s rights and interests. These called necessary rules. These rules are to ensure the products are healthy, do not destroy environment and do harm to clients. The products can be selling in other countries. Factories can prove the products are up to the standard of European order, through sticking CE mark on products. If it is allow that CE mark can be sticking on package or documents. CE mark is only to show the product is up to all related standard.

  • What is OIML?
    OIML is abbreviation of InternationalOrganizationforLegalMetrology. An organization that work in legal calculates established in 1955. Its headquarter is in Paris. OMIL has noits own laboratory. It prefers to the development of researching measure tools and technique. Usually it entrust its member to inspect.. its purpose is to supply and promote legal measure system and measure tools in different countries have a same international foundation.
  • What is NTEP?
    NETP isabbreviation of National Type Evaluation Program. It is international standard procedure of test, inspection and comparison to check whether the scale is up to the weighing and measure standard(Handbook 44)of American. The weighing and measure standard(Handbook 44)of American is the standard that the office, government, factory, dealer and maintenance company obeyed. NTEP is made by NCWM(National Conference On Weights & Measures)and NIST(National Institute For Standards And Technology. It is issued in 1985/01/01 in United State.
  • What is RoHS?
    This document shall serve as formal declaration that product manufactuared by EXCELL are in compliance with the European Union RoSH Directive 2002/95/EC with respect to the following substance:
    Leab (Pb)
    Mercury (Hg)
    Cadmium (Cd)
    Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6+)
    Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)
    Polybrominated biphenyls ethers (PBDE)

    We assure that any potential trace contamination levels of the substances are below the maximum level set by EU 2002/95/EC,or are exempt due to their application. Compliance is evidenced by written declaration/test report from our suppliers, assuring that materials we used in manufacturing process are Rosh compliant.

    We hereby declare that we’d full honor the contents of this contract. In case of breach & failure of this warranty contents, we declare that we’d take full responsibility for the substantial& related damage.


  • There are too many E2 and less E1 for internal value (only for MTW, CAW models)
    Generally, there are business scale, industry scale and medical scale. Usage: there are weighing scale, price computing scale, counting scale, coin scale, hanging scale, weighbridge and so on.

    you should take resolution (1 500 ~ 60 000)、structure requirements(waterproof, dustproof, mothproof antiseptic…) and function requirements(weighing, counting, price computing) into consideration.

    the functional(weighing, counting, price computing), specification (large LCD),resolution, power saving and so on will affect the price of the scale. The brand and the life of the scale will also affect your buget.

    It is better for you to purchase brand products and their after-sale service is more excellent than other products. It is more security for credit on trading.

    【after-sale service】
    you should take the reliable of the dealer, their after-sale service into consideration to avoid that you can not find the dealer to repair your scale, and the dealers can supply a quick, excellent service for you.
  • Some tips for you to select a better scale

    1. Select a brand scale: to select a scale that a professional and technical factory produces.
    2. Meet the needs: select a proper capacity and specification scale that meet your needs.
    3. Measure the accuracy of the capacity of scale: put the same object on the scale for more than one time to see whether the weight is the same. If the weight is the same, it means the repetitiveness is better.
    4. Check function: power on the scale, the digits should be clear. Press the platter with hands to check whether the weight change and then release to check the digits return to zero. Check the correction and reliability of the keypad and combination keys according to the manual.
    5. Check appearance: the outer of the scale should smooth, color even, no rip and the display should be even, the digits are clear.

  • Different security of EXCELL scale.
    1. All our price computing scale has type approval certification.
    2. we invest "3000 millions liability insurance" for all our scale.
    3. The purchasing date is within one year which is our preferential service period. We also provide after-sale service
  • Some tips for you to select a scale to sale.
    1. You should purchase the scale in the factories that have received the Measuring instrument business license.
    2. The products should pass the Measuring instrument type approval
    3. The manual and LIMITED WARRANTY documents should be included.
    4. Insurance certificate should be included