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   WDCM (Weighing Data Collection Mobile app, i.e. "W Data Collect"): Smart mobile device app that captures real-time weighing data from connected scales, display weighing information and send data the WDCS.
※ Google Play (Android) or APP Store (iOS) Key Search: EXCELL Precision, WDCM, W Data Collect
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 WDCA (Weighing Data Collection Application): Captures real-time weighing data from connected scales, display weighing information and send data to the WDCS
 WDCS (Weighing Data Collection Server): The server receiving weighing data from WDCA or WDCM and store in the database
 WDMS (Weighing Data Management System): The weighing data management system that access to the database
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  • WDC TM GW ELW BT Complete Demo: 

Scale-IoT® Documentation (User Manual, Brochure)

User Manual Brochure
WDC System user manual WDC System DM

Scale-IoT® Video

WDC (Weighing Data Collection) System has two versions: Standard Version and Customized Version.
Standard Version supports standard features such as weighing data capture, storage, and management, as well as real-time weight display and control, plus transaction records (users can enter customer information).
Customized Version supports all standard features of Standard Version and furthermore supports client-specified functionality. For example, if a particular client need to use a barcode scanner and a label printer with WDC (Weighing Data Collection) System, then the corresponding customized version would have additional support for a barcode scanner and a label printer, allowing WDC to automatically get a product serial number from a scanned barcode and then automatically print a shipping label that includes product serial number and shipping weight.

  • Smart Weighing Data Collection System (Customized Version) – Operating Procedures
This video demonstrates operating procedures of a WDC (Weighing Data Collection) System, using a customized version as an example. Special customization features are demonstrated: Barcode scanner for automatic serial number reading, plus automatic label printing via a label printer.

  • EXCELL Bluetooth dongle setup (using FernLand BLE Tool)
This is a tutorial video for installing and configuring EXCELL Bluetooth dongle driver on the computer -- using the Fernland BLE Tool.
Use FernLand BLE Tool to setup EXCELL Bluetooth dongle
  • Use the Communication Tool to tare wirelessly to Scale-IoT® QWS scale with BLE module
(Please watch "EXCELL Bluetooth dongle setup (using FernLand BLE Tool)" video before watching this video.)
This is a tutorial video on how to use a computer to send 'tare' command wirelessly to the Scale-IoT
® QWS scale -- using the Communication Tool on the computer.

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