EXCELL Scale-Factory® Solutions

EXCELL's Scale-Factory® Solution, in accordance with Industry 4.0 and Big Data, is addressing customer needs aimed to improve services, customize SOPs, reduce client costs, and increase work efficiency.

EXCELL Scale-IoT® Solutions

EXCELL Scale-IoT® Solution is developed to help our customers reduce human errors and increase work efficiency. All weighing data can be transmitted to smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, and stored in the cloud or database, a easy way for data analysis and management.

Food and Beverage

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The food industry spans many different businesses and production methods, from farming to food processing and beverage production to food waste. However, hygiene, food safety, regulatory compliance, consistent quality and efficient production are drivers for every business in the food industry.

EXCELL has weighing scales and solutions for all the stages of food production, from farm to fork. We can help you ensure optimum productivity and yield while maintaining quality standards and regulatory compliance. 


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Weighing scales and systems from EXCELL can help manufacturing companies in every stage of their operation to measure inputs, collect and analyze data and monitor wastage in order to be as efficient and as lean as possible.

From the smallest parts to the largest trucks and rail cars, we have a scale for your particular manufacturing operation. All of our scales can be easily integrated into existing operations and networks are designed to stand up to tough manufacturing environments. When paired with sophisticated software or indicators, they form a complete weighing and data analysis system. 

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

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Weighing scales and systems from EXCELL can help chemical and pharmaceutical companies control costs, balance regulatory and safety concerns in a safe manner whilst still ensuring operational effectiveness.

Our range of scales have been designed to stand up to harsh chemical industry conditions with many having features specially designed for hazardous or corrosive environments. They can all be paired with sophisticated software and indicators to create weighing systems capable of controlling, monitoring and recording production and output. 

Transportation and Logistics

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Transportation and logistics companies must be as efficient as possible, without compromising on safety.

Transportation and logistics companies must be as efficient as possible, without compromising on safety.  Weighing scales and systems from EXCELL can help ensure billing is accurate and vehicles are filled to the optimum safe capacity. 

Waste and Recycling

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Weight data plays a crucial role in all waste management or recycling industries.  From tracking the amount of garbage collected to monitoring inputs and outputs during materials recovery through to extracting energy and disposing of waste, weight information is key to legislative compliance and operational efficiency.

Weighing scales and systems from EXCELL collect this vital information every step of the way without slowing down your operation.  Our scales document your compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations, allowing you to get on with business.