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EXCELL Announces 『ESW Max 』 Series Dry-Battery IP68 Waterproof Scale with 『2000 Hours of Continuous Operation』


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EXCELL announced the new『ESW Max』 series Dry Battery IP68 waterproof scale, which equips with the maximum energy saving of its kind in the market.

The latest addition to the ESW Max incorporates the latest energy-saving technology, delivers best-in-class IP68 waterproof quality and features a stylish, ergonomic design for a comfortable use. The ESW Max has the longest battery life of its kind in the industry, with up to 2,000 hours usage time. It is great for off-the-shelf applications.
"The ESW Max is quite unusual, and that's because we at EXCELL have identified a truly new way of improving the waterproof scale experience of our customers; we looked at what the users really need and developed the new long dry battery life waterproof scale," said C.C. Lo, President and CEO at EXCELL.

"The ESW Max combines fashion, comfort, and performance with cutting-edge IP68 waterprroof capabilities; this is a really easy-to-use waterproof scale, and our customers will enjoy it.," said Jeff Chien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at EXCELL.

The ESW Max is far more than just a premium waterproof scale. The EXCELL patented built-in breathable film design help keep weighing accuracy under various air pressure. Both plates and housing are made of 304 Stainless Steel. Frames are made of Aluminum and coated with anti-corrosion for long lifespan.

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About EXCELL Precision:

EXCELL Precision, founded in 1979, is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instrument and supplier of industrial automation for use in laboratory, industrial and retailing applications. EXCELL is an innovative leader in the industry. With our innovative products and services, we are helping our customer across the entire globe to implement balances, weighing and scales automation solutions in a variety of industries and applications. We currently are exporting our solutions to over 150 countries. 

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