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New EXCELL 『Budget-Friendly』Digital Scale Indicators 『BTW』Improve Produt Packing Productivity

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EXCELL today announced the launch of its BTW sries of digital scale indicators, enhancing the productivity prospoects of small businesss such as hardware, vegetable or fruit packing house.

BTW is EXCELL's first low-cost scale indicator tjat features full range tare and auto zero tracing capabilities. With a highly-visible,, traffice-light style LED comparator, the new BTW makes packing hardware, fruits, vegetables or other items within designated limit faster and more accurate than utilization of a numeric display alone. The new comparator function features three-color LED lights, which immediately indicate whether the weight measured is too low (YELLOW), just right (GREEN), or too high (RED) by comparing it with set upper and lower limits.

"As an innovative leader in the scale indutry, we looked for ways to aggressively reduce costs while delivering a high-quality product. We are excited to offer customers with BTW, a low-priced solution that delivers excellent performance and almost full-functional capabilities," said C.C Lo, President and CEO at EXCELL.

"The new feature provides workers with two key benefits: accuracy and speed. The scale operator can simply glance at the display to quickly determine if the product weight is what is shoud be. This feature increases profits by enhancing throughput while simultaneously reducing losees due to over-packing or other mistakes." said Jeff Chien, Vice President of Global Sales & Markeing at EXCELL.

The BTW supports up to 1/15,000 display resolution and can be used for a wide range of applications, which include RS232 port and 5-Pin DIN connector.

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About EXCELL Precision
EXCELL, founded in 1979, is a global leading manufacturer and marketer of Hi-Tech precision instrument and supplier of industrial automation for use in laboratory, industrial and retailing applications. EXCELL is an innovative leader in the Scale-IoT® and Scale-Factory® scale automation industry, where it has been helping the customers across the entire globe to implement balances, weighing and scales automation solutions in a variety of industries and applications. EXCELL employs over 400 people worldwide, with manufacturing facilities and operations in Taiwan, Shanghai and Vietnam. EXCELL serves the customers in more than 100 countries on six continents.

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