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EXCELL Introduces Pallet Truck Scale『CA19』


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EXCELL today introduced CA19, the Pallet Truck Scale (also known as Pallet Jack Scale) design for commercial and indutrial use.

"The CA19 Pallet Truck Scale is the mobile battery-powered solution for pallet weighing in one easy step. It has a sleek, solid design that facilitates the transport of items from one place to another in warehouses, shipping departments or on production floors," said C.C. Lo, President and CEO at EXCELL.

"The CA19 Pallet Truck Scale is the ideal solution for fast and precise mobile weighing in industrial and warehousing applcations. It offers a wide range of features and functions to provide fast, accurate results, including an RS-232 interface for quick connection to computers or printers," said Jeff Chien, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at EXCELL.

The CA19 is made with high quality and long-lasting solid and stable steel construction for industrial use. It reads up to 2000 kg (4000 lbs) capacity, along with 1220 mm fork length, 720mm fork width, fork height up to 180 mm, safe and dependable hydraulics for industrial applications, and large rubber steering wheels with suspension for stability and fluent movement fluency.

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About EXCELL Precision:

EXCELL Precision, founded in 1979, is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instrument and supplier of industrial automation for use in laboratory, industrial and retailing applications. EXCELL is an innovative leader in the industry. With our innovative products and services, we are helping our customer across the entire globe to implement balances, weighing and scales automation solutions in a variety of industries and applications. We currently are exporting our solutions to over 150 countries.

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