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The World's Second Largest Linear Motion Component Vendor『HIWIN Technologies』Adopt EXCELL's Precision Counting Scales for Quality Improvement

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EXCELL is pleased to announce that the world's second largest linear motion component vendor 『HIWIN Technologies』has adopted EXCELL's precision counting scales for weighing and parts counting. EXCELL's precision counting scales are ideal for weighing raw materials, counting pieces before packaging, or checkweighing during quality control.

HIWIN Technologies is now the 2nd largest motion control and system technology manufacturers in the world. With products ranging from ball screws, linear guide-ways and special bearings to industrial robots and medical robots, and characteristics of high speed, high precision, multi-function, and Eco-friendly, HIWIN products are well established in the biochemistry & medical, semi-conductor, opto-electronics, intelligent automation, precision machining, transportation and energy industries..

"HIWIN is famous for its precision ballscrews that provide the most smooth and accurate movement, together with low drive torque, high stiffness and quiet motion with predictable lengthened service life. HIWIN uses precise procedures to create exact groove profiles, either by grinding or precision rolling. Accurate heat treatment is also used to ensure the hardness of the ball screws. We are delighted to be part of HIWIN's partner to the commitment of delivering high-end and high quality products to the customers." said Jeff Chien, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at EXCELL.

EXCELL provide various bench scales for customers to choose from. The advantages offered by bench scales are obvious: they save you both time and labor and also reduce the error rate compared with counting by hand. Bench scales also have smaller weighing platforms, which means they take up little space and are easy to transport.

For more information, please visit EXCELL at :

About HIWIN Technologies
Hiwin Technologies Corp, founded in 1989, manufactures and sells motion control and systematic technology products worldwide. The company operates through Linear Guideways, Ballscrews, and Others segments. It offers ballscrews, linear guideways, end effectors, datorker robot reducers, bearings, and torque motor rotary tables, as well as single and multi-axis robots; and medical robots and equipment; and aerospace automation equipment parts, as well as computer numerical control milling machines. The company provides components, industrial robots, special machines, and after-sales services for machine tools, industrial machinery, bioscience, medical equipment, equipment of electronics industry, photo-electricity, semiconductor devices and automation, etc.

About EXCELL Precision:
EXCELL, founded in 1979, is a global leading manufacturer and marketer of Hi-Tech precision instrument and supplier of industrial automation for use in laboratory, industrial and retailing applications. EXCELL is an innovative leader in the Scale-IoT® and Scale-Factory® scale automation industry, where it has been helping the customers across the entire globe to implement balances, weighing and scales automation solutions in a variety of industries and applications. EXCELL employs over 400 people worldwide, with manufacturing facilities and operations in Taiwan, Shanghai and Vietnam. EXCELL serves the customers in more than 100 countries on six continents.

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