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World's Second-largest Contract Electronics Manufacturer『PEGATRON Group』 Vietnam Branch Adopts EXCELL's Advanced Weighbridge Solution

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EXCELL today announced that its advanced weighbridge solutions has been selected by PEGATRON Group, the world's second largest contract electronics manufacturer. Installed at PEGATRON's plant in Haiphong, Vietnam, EXCELL's weighbridge solution will help PEGATRON get the accurate net weight of a loaded truck and to simply gather, document and store product weight information.

Pegatron Corp, an assembler for Apple, Microsoft and Sony, plans to increase its investment in Vietnam for electronics production by $101 million. Accoring to Reuters, It has invested $19 million to build its first plant at the Dinh Vu Industrial Zone in Hai Phong City in March 2021 to produce computers, communications equipment and consumer electronic products. It plans to build its second and third plants at a cost of $481 million and $500 million and also move its research and development center from China to Vietnam.

"EXCELL just developed 3rd generation weighbridge system to meet industry needs. Whether it be in a quarry, forestry or general freight we will ensure the equipment installed will meet the robustness of your industry. Along with purchasing our weighbridge, we have an experienced team of tradesman who can also install your weighbridge.," said C.C. Lo, President and CEO at EXCELL.

"Our 3rd generation weighbridge system is very easy to operate that everyone was able to learn it quickly. Operator can simply print out tickets that show the weight of materials in the truck, time of weighing and additional pertinent statistics as well as store this accumulated information on a daily basis.," said Jeff Y. CHIEN, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at EXCELL.

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