Forklift Scale Pal (new product)

FORKPAL 19 ( BF-T , BF-R )

Wireless Forklift Weighing Kit (new product)

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FORKPAL 19 ( BF-T , BF-R )

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Product Description
Easy Add-on Precise Forklift Weighing
The Bluetooth wireless battery-powered solution for adding precise weighing capability to your forklift. The FORKPAL19* Wireless Forklift Weighing Kit (BF-T*, BF-R*) is the ideal wireless solution for fast and precise mobile weighing in industrial and warehousing applications.
  • BF-R Wireless Indicator:  Receives and displays weight information wirelessly via Bluetooth connection from the wireless loadcell module (BF-T).
  • BF-T Wireless Loadcell Module: Connects to your forklift’s loadcell and transmits weight information wirelessly via Bluetooth connection.
  • FORKPAL 19 Functions:  Zero setting, tare, preset tare, accumulation & print, automatic power off, LCD backlight   Indication: Weight, zero setting , tare, stability, charging status, low-battery indication, wireless status indication
     * Product design & specifications are subject to change without notice.

Module Model BF-R* BF-T*
Module Functionality Indicator / Receiver Loadcell Module / Transmitter
Display 6 digit LCD, 25.4 mm high Low battery LED
Wireless (Bluetooth) LED
Keypad 6 standard keys Pairing key
Dimensions 225 x 60 x 135mm
(including bracket)
160x 37 x 80mm
(excluding cables &
Power Input DC 12 V or 5 x 1.5V AA battery DC 6V
Power Consumption 10 mA without backlight + Bluetooth connection (when connected)
35 mA with backlight + Bluetooth connection (when connected)
1 mA (standby)
20 mA with 1 350Ω loadcell + Bluetooth connection
45 mA with 4 350Ω loadcell + Bluetooth connection
5 mA (standby) with 6V rechargeable battery
Wireless Connection Connection Method: Bluetooth
Communication Range: Up to 5m (may vary depending on actual environmental conditions)

*Product design & specifications are subject to change without notice.
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