Price Computing Scale
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GE4 / GEP4

Price Computing Scale

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Product Description
  • High speed 24bits AD; Display reading speed faster
  • Faster weighing stability and zero return
  • Zero key and Tare key react faster
  • Digital calibration
  • Vendor and customer sides LCD displays with LED backlight
  • LCD display full tare (Weight-6 digits, Unit Price-6 digits, Total Price-6 digits)
  • Low power and charging status indication
  • Built-in rechargeable battery; auto power-off battery protection circuitry
  • Easily adjusted leveling feet for stability and the scale
  • Vendor side display at front and customer side display
  • on tower or double displays on tower
  • Energy-efficient switching power supply adapts to
  • different power source voltages (AC 1 00V~240V)
  • 1/3,000 display resolution (or
  • 1/6,000 display resolution available)
  • Money change
  • Kilogram (Kg) or pound (lb) weighing modes
  • Up to 99 data accumulation and 99 data recall
Capacity 6kg*2g
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C (14°F ~ 104°F)
Power Source AC 110V~240V (±10%) + DC 6V/4 Ah rechargeable battery
Dimensions GE4: 315 × 115 × 353mm (W × H × D)
GEP4: 315 × 535 × 353mm (W × H × D)
Platter Size 318 × 255mm (W x D)
Display LCD 6,6,6 Digits; height 14 mm
Pole display: height 14mm

RS232 or serial printer output
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