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K Platform

K Platform

User Manual Brochure
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Service Manual
Product Description
Platform Size: 322 x 242 x 100 mm

Flexible and Various Combinations
  • Indicator and platform can be seperated or together
  • Pole can be placed on either side
X Shape Aluminum Supports
  • Reinforced engineering structure design can support up to 75kg
Light and Portable
  • Light structure design and convenient for hand carry
  • ABS housing and TYPE 304 stainless steel platter
  • Curve-in sides for easy carrying
IP X5 wash down design
  • Drainage channel design underneath the platter to prevent water running into the platform
  • Side channel act as water barrier and drain water out at 4 corners
  • Water barrier of battery cover prevent seepage
Electric Safe Design
  • Tilted "Curve-in sides" prevent water dripping along case and into power outlet
  • "Angled" power outlet prevent water accumulation inside outlet and possible electric shock
  • Anti-bug rings to prevent bugs, water, dust and dirt entering the platform
  • IPX5 degree of protection on the platform

Capacity 3~75 kg
Net Weight about 3.2kg (without battery)
Dimensions 322 x 242 x 100mm
Platter Size 322 x 242mm
Platform Materials ABS housing
TYPE 304 stainless steel platter
Platter Thickness 1mm
Platter Depth 16.5mm
IP Grade IPX5
One of the following cards
  • RS232
  • RS232-F: Free form card (include Real Time Clock)
  • Relay output (3 sets relay output)
Power supply
  • AC 110/230V
  • 6V/4AH Rechargeable Battery
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