IP6X Waterproof Weighing
Waterproof Weighing Scale

ELW Plus Wipower / ELW-E Plus Wipower

IP68 Wireless Charging Waterproof Weighing Scale

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Product Description
      IP68 certified by SGS
  • High speed of 24 bits AD fast reacts and shortens the weighing operation duration
  • Sealed waterproof silica gel strip blocks water from infiltrating into the scale
  • Waterproof grade sheeting to ensure the water free
  • ABS housing makes the scale lighter
  • Aluminum frames coated with anti-corrosion treatment for longer lifespan
  • LCD or LED display selectable
  • Portable and compact design, convenient to charge at home, public area, etc
  • Selectable units: Kilograms(kg), gram(g), pound(lb) and ounce(oz)
  • Low power indication and auto power off
  • Concave handle for easy carrying
  • Well-designed protection point for transportation
  • Battery can be easily replaced

Wipower Advantages


• Greater convenience and ubiquity for charging of your everyday scale.

• Simply put your scale onto a charging pad. No need to constantly plug and unplug the scale.

• Waterproofing charging pad and scales suitable in wet, wash-down, dirt and moving environments.


• Non-radiative energy is transferred. Not harmful to humans.

• No physical connection on your scale. Reduced wear of plugs and sockets.

• Waterproof charging pad prevent corrosion due to elements such as oxygen and water.

• Eliminate sparks and debris associated with wired contacts on your scale.


• Reduced the cost associated with maintaining mechanical connectors of your scale.

• Resilience from dirt. Increase the longevity of your scale in highly contaminated environments.

Models ELW Plus-WP-3/ELW-E Plus-WP-3
ELW Plus-WP-6/ELW-E Plus-WP-6
ELW Plus-WP-15/ELW-E Plus-WP-15
ELW Plus-WP-30/ELW-E Plus-WP-30
Capacity 3kg*0.5g/1g
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C(14°F ~ 104°F)
Power Source 5V/1A output QI TX module+3.7V 4000mAh lithium polymer battery
Dimensions 270 x 124 x 310mm (W x H x D)
Platter Size 235 x 200mm(W x D)
Display 6 digits, 25mm height, White LED backlight (LCD Display)
6 digits, 15mm height (LED Display)
Weight of the Scale Approximately 3.3kg
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