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Product Description
  • Large LCD (digit height 25.4mm) display with LED backlight
  • Kilogram (kg) and pound (lb, not for EC type approval version) weighing units
  • Auto zero tracking; Animal scale function; Data accumulation function
  • Auto power off function and low power indication
  • Multi-range and multi-interval setting available
  • Dual range mode available
  • Environmental filter setting for better performance
  • High resolution switch function key to display 10 times divisions
  • Available in connecting with up to four 350-ohm load cells
  • Capable of connecting with 6-wire load cell(s)
Combinations with platforms:
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
Power Source Adapter: Input 100 ~ 240V AC 50 ~ 60 Hz; Output 12V / 1000 mA
Dimensions WXDXH 225 x 60 x 135mm (including protrusions)
WXDXH 193 x 50 x 95mm (excluding protrusions)
Display LCD 6 digits; 25.4 x 10 mm (W x H); height 25.4mm; LED backlight
  • RS232/485 serial interface (switched by jumper) with RTC function
  • Rechargeable battery type (with 5pcs of DC 6V Ni-MH batteries in serial connection)
  • Dry battery type (using 5pcs of AA dry batteries)