Tips when selecting scale products

1. Select a good brand with good reputation, and with R&D, Quality Management team.
2. Look at the capacity and specification that meet your needs.
3. Check its repeatibility. Just repeatly put the same object on the scale to see whether the weight is the same.
4. Check its function: Power on the scale and check if the digits is clear. Press the platter with hands to check whether the weight has changed and then release the hands to check the digits return to zero. Check the correction and reliability of the keypad and combination keys according to the manual.
5. Check appearance to see if the outer of the scale is smooth, color even, no rip and the display should is even, the digits are clear.

Guarantee of EXCELL Scale Products

1. All our price computing scale has type approval certification.
2. "3000 millions liability insurance" are guaranteed for all our scales.
3. One year service and support for our scale products.

Tips when selecting scale manufactures

1. Make sure the scale manufacturers have licence to do measuring instrument business.
2. Make sure the scale products are with measuring instrument type approval.
3. The manual and LIMITED WARRANTY documents are included.
4. Insurance certificate are included.

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