Product Counter Scale
FDP3-35<br>Price Computing Scale
FDP3-35<br>Price Computing Scale
Price Computing Scale

◉ 35 direct PLU keys
◉ High Speed 24bits AD
◉ Faster display Reading Speed


  • 35 direct PLU keys
  • High Speed 24bits AD
  • Faster display Reading Speed
  • Faster weighing stability and zero return
  • Zero key and Tare key react faster
  • Vendor and Customor side LCD displays with LED backlight.
  • Double displays on tower
  • LCD display Full Tare (Weight-6 digits, Unit Price-6 digits, Total Price-6 digits)
  • Low power and charging status indication
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Water Channel designed underneath the platter to give a better protection against water running into scale
  • Unique rubber ring design to prevent dust,dirt, roaches and water intrusion into the scale for better reliability and hygiene
  • Special power switch design to prevent moisture getting inside the scale for better performance, stability and reliability
  • Special sunken power coil outlet design to prevent water running into the socket to improve safety and reliability
  • Easy-to-Adjust leveling feet for stability and the scale


  • 1/3,000 up to 1/6,000 display resolution, single range or multi-range
  • Money change
  • Kilogram (KG) or pound(lb) weighing modes
  • Up to 99 data accumulation and 25 data recalls


  • 1/3,000 display resolution,single range or multi-range


Capacity 3kg*1g
3kg/6kg*1g/2g (multi-range)
6kg/15kg*2g/5g (multi-range)
15kg/30kg*5g/10g (multi-range)
Operating Temperature 0ºC~ 40ºC (32ºF ~ 104ºF)
-10ºC~40ºC (14ºF~104ºF) [Approval Model]
Power Source AC 110/230V ± 10% or DC 6V/4AH rechargeable battery
Dimensions 300 x 530 x 330 mm (W x H x D)
Platter Size 300 x 225mm (W x D)
Display LCD 6/6/6 digits; Height 14 mm


  • RS-232 or serial printer output


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